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We Offer 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24 and 28% High Protein Deer Feed Supplemental Protein Pellets
	The 350# Gravity Feeders pictured above.
LTL (Less than a load) Delivery for 1 ton about $90-$115 throughout the Southeast.
Prices Start at about $400 per Ton. Get your Feeding Program Going Today!
Delivery Available via Our Truck State Wide in Georgia

We Sell DIRECT TO THE CONSUMER! When you buy from Apple Valley Deer Feeds, you are buying Straight from the Mill.
A 260 Pound FREE RANGE Whitetail Deer at one of our Gravity Feeders from last season! WOW!

Graphic of European Type deer SkullText Box: Apple Valley Deer Feed
Georgia’s Best Supplemental Deer Protein Pellet
“Feed them and they will Come”
Graphic of European Type deer SkullGraphic of European Type deer Skull


What is Apple Valley Deer Feed?

Apple Valley Deer Feed is a Nutritionist formulated supplemental deer feed (high protein deer feed pellets) that consists of Premium ingredients that balance energy, digestibility, protein amino acid profiles, and by-pass protein derived from Soybean Meal. Soybean Meal is the Best and Most Expensive source of Protein for Deer feed.  In addition to the primary ingredients in our supplemental deer feed (high protein deer feed pellets) formulations, we add a vitamin and mineral package that is made of the highest quality minerals and superior vitamin supplements.

If you are looking to Grow the Biggest Antlers and have the Healthiest Deer, then you need to be Feeding Apple Valley Supplemental Deer feed.  Apple Valley Deer Feed is strategically made by Apple Valley Feeds in Gray, GA just north of Macon in Middle Georgia.

Here is Why Apple Valley Deer Feed is Different from Our Competitors:

***Higher By-Pass Protein Levels- this is the protein that effectively influences antler growth.  By-pass protein is also the most expensive form of protein and is often the least utilized for that reason.  We use protein sources higher in by-pass protein during antler development - lots of times twice the amount of our competitors.  A key to our feed is that you get out of the supplemental deer feed (high protein pellets) what you are paying for it.


***Superior Vitamin/Mineral Package- Our Exclusive Apple Valley Mineral Technology provides a power-packed nutritional package with the ideal amounts and ratios of vitamins and minerals for Superior Antler density and strength, optimum reproductive performance and healthy fawns. Apple Valley Deer feed contains high levels of Vitamins A, D and E to promote robust health and immune function. Also contains the Critical

2:1 Calcium/ Phosphorus Ratio Vital to Increased Antler Growth.


***Natural Flavorings- We use Natural Ingredients that are found throughout the South for Flavoring and as an Attractant in Apple Valley Deer Feed. Some of our competitors use corn, we do not. Deer that have never seen a protein pellet before sometimes take a while to get adjusted to eating from a trough or gravity feeder. By using natural ingredients, already found in the diet of most whitetails throughout Georgia and the southeast, deer will rapidly adjust to Eating Apple Valley High Protein Deer Feed Pellets.


***Higher Critical Fat Levels- The key to our supplemental deer feed (high protein deer feed pellets) - providing high energy that deer need to cope with stress and keeping consumption levels high which means more by-pass protein absorption and supplemental deer feed (high protein pellets) consumption - which grows bigger bucks!  Fat also increases the energy needed to efficiently break down non by-pass protein in the rumen which increases deer herd health. Puts animals in a strong position to grow large antlers and deliver and nurse large, healthy fawns.

***Added Calcium-In Order to Grow the Maximum Set of Antlers, deer need Calcium. Supplemental deer feed (high protein pellets) provides much needed calcium that is not available out of the soils in most areas of the South and increased consumption from higher fat levels in our supplemental deer feed (high protein pellets) means more calcium uptake and larger skeletal structures for your herd.  All of that translates into more calcium that is needed for Maximum Antler Development. 


After discussing all of the HIGH QUALITY Products that you will find in Apple Valley Deer Feed, it would make sense to discuss price.  Our Exclusive Purchasing Arrangements, allow us to Purchase Direct. This translates into Lower pricing/costs for our Customers. We Have some of the Most Competitive Pricing in The Supplemental Deer Feed Business. See the contact information at the bottom of this page to call for pricing and delivery of our supplemental deer feed (high protein deer feed pellets).

Graphic of European Type deer SkullText Box: A 260 Pound FREE RANGE Whitetail Deer at one of our Gravity Feeders from last season! WOW!

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Current Pricing!

Start your Apple Valley Deer Feed Program TODAY with our 17% “Fast Start” Supplemental Deer Feed. Packed with Vitamins and minerals plus Critical Fat to help them get Jump Started into the Antler Growing Months.

Now, with our “Fast Start” attractant to get them eating a pelleted feed Faster.

NOW, is the time to put the Protein Feed to your deer herd.

Get your Protein Feed Program Started Today!


14% Bulk $410 Per Ton

14% Bagged $420 Per Ton ($10.50 Bag)


17% Bulk $430 Per Ton

17% Bagged $440 Per Ton ($11.00 Bag)


21% Bulk $440 Per Ton

21% Bagged $460 Per Ton ($11.50 Bag)



IN Stock, Ready to Ship/Pickup!



Hunting Clubs-Ask about our Specials!!!!


FREE Delivery for your First Load

Via Our Truck in Georgia Only!




Freight Options

LTL Freight (Less than a Load) via UPS Freight at our Special “Pallet Rate” Shipping Rates

(Saves You Money) across the Southeast. Call for a Freight Quote to your Destination Today!


***Local Loads are Delivered via Our Truck

***Direct Pickup Available At Our Mill in Gray, GA


Freight Pricing for week of  01/23/2014

via UPS Freight LTL


1 Ton to AL, MS, NC, SC, TN-$121.92

2-8 Tons-$95.33


1 Ton to FL-$131.65

2-8 Tons-$101.17


1 Ton to KY, LA-$159.53

2-8 Tons-$123.22

****Other Competitive Rates to states not listed. We shop our Freight around to Save YOU Money!

Watch These Bucks Eating out of one of Our Feeders!

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